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Some questions

  • Do I need a permission to carry out an electrical installation in my home or business?

    Yes, an electrical construction permit for any type of electrical installation in the United States is generally required. Permits vary according to the State and local jurisdiction, so it is important to consult with local authorities to know the specific requirements.

  • What kind of lighting systems are more efficient and economic?

    LED lighting is one of the most efficient and economic options to illuminate your home or business. These lights have a longer shelf life, consume less energy and produce less heat than conventional incandescent and fluorescent lights.

  • How can I know if my electrical installation meets local electrical codes and standards?

    It is recommended that a certified electrician perform an inspection of its electrical installation to ensure that it complies with local electrical codes and standards. Electrical codes vary according to the State and local jurisdiction, so it is important that the electrician is familiar with the rules of his area.

  • How can I reduce the consumption of electricity in my home or business?

    There are several ways to reduce the consumption of electrical energy in your home or business, including the LED lighting installation, the use of efficient electronic appliances and devices, and the implementation of energy savings practices, such as turning off the lights when they are not used and adjust the thermostat to save energy. In addition, energy audits can be performed to identify areas of improvement in energy efficiency.

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